My first sewing class

My mother bought a sewing machine at a small store in Milford Ct , and with it we got 3 free sewing classes. Since mom knows how to do it I decided to take the classes. It was so much fun! hopefully I ll be able to sew some clothes, one day ! Chances are yes!

It was very special to me because brought me stories from my past. My mom , aunts and grandmother knew how to sew. My mother told me how my grandmother (vo Maria ) used to sew pants for man in exchange of their work in the farm in order to help my grandfather plant . She was a bussiness woman already! Very smart with her little education. My mom also told me she had memories playing in my grandma sewing machine, how she used to pedal it. Nice hearing these stories.

Anyways I hope learn more on the subject, and recommend!

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One Response to My first sewing class

  1. Leonardo Moraes says:

    I miss mom telling this stories!

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