Discovery:My illness is the secret of my happiness

illness secret for my happiness  I found out that my illness is the secret of my happiness. I m intensely grateful to be alive. I’m fine, walking, talking,THINKING,  eating, 100% functional. Yesterday at work I almost passed out. It was the first time I’ve experienced that. I was talking normally with my coworker telling about my plans. All of sudden I felt my head weird, I couldn’t hear what she was saying, the color faded away, everything went black and I asked her to help me sit down. She checked my blood pressure. (I work at a hospital) it was as low as 80/60(very low).Than she brought me to the ER. It was embarrassing getting sick at work because now they will all talk about me and find out that there is something wrong with me.But Im glad I was at the best place to pass out THE HOSPITAL! I believe that happened because the night before I had taken for the first time a med to sleep called SEROQUEL 50 mg XR, and it didn’t go well with my body.

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